Exponents Calculator

Use this online calculator to calculate exponents.

Exponentiation is where a number is raised to a power (symbol = ^) e.g. 2^3 = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

You can use the calculator below to convert a number or perform a simple calculation

Note - negative powers are allowed, any number raised to zero is calculated as 1

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.

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Exponentiation Calculation

Exponentiation is a mathematical operation involving two numbers, the base (b) number and the exponent (n) number n for example b n. The exponent is often referred to as the power. When n is a natural number (a positive number), exponentiation is calculated by repeat multiplication of the base: bn is the product of multiplying n bases ( n x b ).

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