Mass, Density & Volume Calculator

Use this online calculator to calculate Mass, Density and Volume.

The Density of an object is its mass per unit volume.

Mass is a physical quantity expressing the amount of matter in an object.

Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed within an object.

Entering two of these items in the calculator below calculates the third item.

Calculations can be added to a table by clicking the "Add to table" button, helpful if you want to record a few conversions.

Up to 12 results can be added, the table appears the first time you click the button, if a calculation has been entered.

Density, Mass and Volume
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The Mass, Density and Volume calculator includes the following math formula:

  • P: Density
  • M: Mass
  • V: Volume
P = M / V

Density is Mass divided by Volume

M = P x V

Mass is Density mutiplied by Volume

V = P / M

Volume is Density divided by Mass

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