Percentage Increase and Decrease

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Percentage Increase and Decrease Revision Questions

1. . A boy is 160 cm tall now but three years ago, he was 148 cm tall. What is the percentage increase of his height in the last three years expressed to one decimal place?

  1. 7.5%
  2. 12.0%
  3. 14.8%
  4. 16.0%

Correct Answer: B

2. . An item that previously cost $30 became $24 after a discount. What is the percentage decrease of the item's price?

  1. 6.0%
  2. 16.7%
  3. 20.0%
  4. 24.0%

Correct Answer: C

3. . An employee now earns $3,200 in a month after a 2% tax cut approved by the government. What was his previous salary before the tax cut?

  1. $3,265.3
  2. $3,240.0
  3. $3,137.2
  4. $3,136.0

Correct Answer: D

4. . The GDP (gross domestic product) per capita (for person) of a country decreased by 3% during 2021 because of the negative impact Covid-19 had on employment. The actual GDP per capita of the given country is $16,328. What was the GDP per capita in the previous year?

  1. $16,833
  2. $15,838
  3. $16,489
  4. $15,520

Correct Answer: A

5. . The price of an item was $300 initially. The owner raised the price by 10% but since the item could not be sold, he lowered the price by 10%. What is the actual price of the item?

  1. $330
  2. $300
  3. $297
  4. $270

Correct Answer: C

6. . A mobile phone that previously cost $460 now costs $390. What is the percentage decrease of the mobile phone's price?

  1. 84.8%
  2. 46.0%
  3. 39.0%
  4. 15.2%

Correct Answer: D

7. . A political party won 36.39% of popular votes in the last election, experiencing a percentage increase of 2.49% compared to previous elections. By what percentage did the given party win in the previous elections?

  1. 38.88%
  2. 36.39%
  3. 34.10%
  4. 33.90%

Correct Answer: D

8. . The population of a city is 320,054 inhabitants where 137,427 are of Caucasian origin, 86,248 people are Hispanic and the origin of the rest of the population is unspecified. Which of the following percentage distributions is correct?

  1. Caucasian = 26.95%; Hispanic = 62.76%; Other = 10.21%
  2. Caucasian = 20.21%; Hispanic = 62.76%; Other = 16.95%
  3. Caucasian = 42.94%; Hispanic = 26.95%; Other = 69.89%
  4. Caucasian = 42.94%; Hispanic = 26.95%; Other = 30.11%

Correct Answer: D

9. . 78 out of 200 passengers in an airplane speak English, 57 passengers speak French and the rest speak other languages. What is the percentage of distribution of these three categories?

  1. English speakers = 34%; French = 28.5%; Other = 65.0%
  2. English speakers = 34%; French = 28.5%; Other = 62.5%
  3. English speakers = 34%; French = 28.5%; Other = 37.5%
  4. English speakers = 78%; French = 14.25%; Other = 37.5%

Correct Answer: C

10. . The price of an item that originally cost $40 dropped by 25% and then it increased again by 25%. What is the final price of the item?

  1. $42.5
  2. $40.0
  3. $37.5
  4. $35.0

Correct Answer: C

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