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This Fraction Calculator by iCalculator™ is designed to test and improve your knowledge of fraction comparison, specifically allowing you to compare fraction values and decide which fraction is bigger. This fraction calculator allows you to test your knowledge of fraction and fraction values and records a score, there is also a leader board which shows the top 25 scores (just a bit of fun for math lovers!). You can see the rules for the "Which Fraction or Fraction is Bigger" challenge below the calculator.

Which Fraction Is Bigger Calculator
Which Fraction is Bigger

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Which Fraction is Bigger Leader Board
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Which Fraction is Bigger Rules

Which Fraction Is Bigger. This image shows the properties and which fraction is bigger formula for the Which Fraction Is Bigger test calculator

This Fraction test uses the following rules:

  1. You have a set amount of time to answer each question and choose which fraction is bigger
  2. When you choose your answer, this fraction calculator will check which fraction is bigger, if you are correct, a point will be added to your score and a new question will appear. If you get the answer wrong, the clock will stop and your score will be shown.
  3. If you get a score which is high enough to make the leader board, you will be able to add your name and your score will be recorded on the "Which Fraction is Bigger" Leader board
  4. Every time you get an answer correct, the timer will reduce meaning you need to answer which fraction is bigger faster as you go along.
  5. Each question on the "Which Fraction is Bigger" Calculator is increasingly harder, the more you get right, the harder the questions.
  6. You can choose how many decimal places you want the fraction questions to be set at, the more decimal places, the harder the question will be as the test will use decimal fraction values
  7. You can print and/or email the Leader Board as required.